What is Oncology Massage?

This is a modified form of massage for cancer patients based on what type of treatments, medications, and symptoms our clients are experiencing. Oncology Massage is beneficial to both active cancer patients and those in remission. Research shows that this modified form of treatment helps the body to relax and relieve both short-term and long-term symptoms like pain, nausea, and fatigue.

What are the benefits of this Massage?

Cancer patients have a high amount of toxins in the body due to cancer treatments. The lymphatic system can become slow because of an overstressed lymph load. This is why using MLD along with oncology massage techniques can help. Manually moving the lymph along increases the flow of lymph and raises immunity. Research shows that cancer patients who received MLD showed greater relief of pain, nausea, and fatigue.

Why is it important to see a Licensed Massage therapist trained in Oncology Massage?

This form of therapy is a very specialized type of massage. Practicioners must train to understand different types of cancers, drugs used, and cancer treatments. This knowledge is important for the practitioner to modify the massage according to the client’s treatment, prescribe medicine, and symptoms

Couldn’t I just go to anyone for a Massage?

No, It is not recommended that you go to anyone not trained in this type of Massage. Regular relaxation Massage is different. Your trained Oncology Massage therapist knows what to look for and what NOT to do in a massage session. An untrained therapist can unknowingly increase your treatment symptoms.

Do I need an Oncology Massage if I am in remission?

It is recommended that cancer survivors still seek out Trained Oncology Massage therapists. There are still things that your therapist needs to take into consideration before performing massage therapy on you. Did you know that if you have had lymph nodes removed during cancer treatment you are still at risk of developing lymphedema? Did you know that Massage could increase that risk if not performed correctly? Most untrained therapists are not aware of these risks either. Always seek out a trained Oncology Massage therapist.

What will my visit look like?

Your Oncology Massage appointment is all about your comfort. Once we review your history, prescriptions, treatments, and symptoms, an appropriate modified massage will be crafted for your needs. We will ask permission to contact your physician so that we can make sure that the care that we provide is in agreeance with your medical care. We will also make a phone call to you after your treatment for feedback on your massage. This is important information that is utilized to make any adjustments for future appointments.

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