Myofascial Release Massage what is it?

Myofascial Release Massage is therapy done on the fascia, the connective tissue surrounding the muscles and organs in the body.

Is MFR like Swedish massage?

Myofascial Release Massage is different from Swedish massage. Swedish massage focuses mainly on long gliding strokes. However, MFR is a massage that focuses on trigger points and stiffness in the fascia.

What should I expect in my MFR massage?

After discussing your history and intake, you will be asked about any tightness and stiffness you are experiencing. Then, your therapist will assess the area and work on the fascia in the area that is discussed including areas that are discovered by your therapist after palpation.

What does Myofascial Release feel like?

Myofascial Release feels like a slow but comforting consistent pressure. You may feel the fascia stretch and unwind under your therapist’s hands as the fascia releases.

Who can benefit from MFR?

Conditions that will benefit from MFR therapy include but are not limited to Carpal tunnel, Plantar fasciitis, Frozen shoulder, Osteoarthritis, and Scar tissue. Myofascial Release is also very beneficial to those who suffer from Fibromyalgia. Overall MFR is good for releasing muscle tension and trigger points, reducing pain, and improving flexibility.

More info

Because Fascia is the connective tissue that connects sections of the body like a chain. you may need more than one session. An example of this would be carpal tunnel. The wrist and forearm are not the only areas of fascia affected. The chain of fascia leads up into the shoulder, neck, etc. Therefore multiple sessions may be needed.

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